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Funded! These Nurses Thank You!
Reeda Robinson, R.N., College Hills Elementary School
Jessica Taylor, A & M Consolidated Middle School
CLARA NACCARATO, Montgomery Elementary School

Adopt a School Nurse

Nurses desperately ask you to take a moment and watch this 2-minute video. Frontline nurses that practice in our K-12 education system are at extreme risk. Your donation today of any amount is sincerely appreciated. And please share this page. Thank you.

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Jennifer Lawler, R.N. of Spring Creek Elementary
Leigh Kelly, Stewart Creek Elementary
April James, Oak Hills Junior High


You are Needed Today

We need your help to assist in donating medical grade HEPA air purifiers to school nurses' offices in grades K-12. HEPA purifiers will reduce Covid-19 and other disease transmission on campus. This will lower the spread of infections back to home and into the community. Please take a short time to read these 8 bullet points. We trust you will understand this critical and serious need and donate any amount that you can.


The School Nurse

School nurses are caring, compassionate and experienced professionals who enjoy their work. However, many visits to the nurse are from sick individuals. Students, teachers, and even staff visit the nurse's office. Those that may be ill with Covid-19 are a severe risk to everyone on campus. The nurse is at much higher danger than most others at school. They interact with sick individuals in a small office with no ventilation and extraordinarily little personal protection. Some nurses treat over a 100 people per day! They are anxious and scared! Read their stories in the 'Adopt a School Nurse Today' section below.


What's Required Now

Dr. Joseph Allen of Harvard wants HEPA air purifiers on every school campus. School nurses are in dire need of portable air purifiers. This will safeguard students and others that may enter the area. In-turn, purifiers will also assist in keeping the entire school a safer place. Medical grade HEPA purifiers remove extremely small contaminants from the air. Pathogens as small as 0.3 microns in size are trapped. Scientists estimate the coronavirus to be around 1 micron in size when expelled by humans. In short, purifiers will clean and scrub the air. Therefore, HEPA air filtration is a crucial and essential necessity, especially in a small space like a nurse’s office. This need is immediate and vital.


The Funding Crisis

It is no secret that school systems across the country have struggled financially even before the pandemic. The current coronavirus crisis has only worsened an already unbearable situation. School districts are not able to purchase the simplest of bare necessities, leaving many nurses, teachers, and staff to fend for themselves or rely on charitable donations. That is why we are asking for your donation of any amount to assist in the purchase of HEPA air purifiers for our schools' nurses. The better medical grade purifiers are expensive. School nurses are financially unable to buy these devices themselves.

Nurses Waiting as of Sept 19th:


You Can Help Today

Your donation will immediately go toward the purchase of a HEPA air purifier for a school nurse. Please Adopt a School Nurse today. We are calling on you and all concerned parents, PTA groups, community leaders, businesses, local lodges, places of worship, and anyone and everyone with a big heart to donate now. Your donation could truly mean saving the life of another person. This is not theory or conjecture. Your donation could save a human life by decreasing disease transmission.


Thank you!

Thank you for reading and understanding the urgency. The danger is real. The time is today. School nurses need protection now. School nurses are an essential but vulnerable healthcare workforce. Tomorrow could be too late for some of them. Medical grade HEPA air purifiers will reduce Covid-19 transmission on campus today if nurses had them. The purifiers will aid in eliminating other airborne viruses and bacteria as well. All of which would reduce disease transmission at home and the spread of infection in the community. Even though terrified and frightened, nurses will return to school in heroic fashion. Please take just a moment to also be a hero or heroine and Adopt a School Nurse by donating now. Your generosity will help nurses, students, staff, their loved ones at home, and their communities. You will make a difference!


100% Transparency

100% of every donation will be used solely for purchasing HEPA air purifiers for K-12 school nurses. The only fees deducted are those levied by the crowdfunding platforms we use and bank costs, if any. All donations are for the single purpose of purchasing vital medical grade purifiers. The situation is urgent and a healthcare state of emergency. Every donated dollar is helping a frontline nurse in our school system. Adopt a School Nurse uses Stripe, Fundly, and Chase Bank to process donations. Our monthly statements are freely available to any donor.


Are You a Nurse?

Put your name on our waiting list now! There are over 130,000 school nurses in the US. Are you one of them? Complete the form at the bottom of this page. You will be placed on the waiting list for a FREE medical grade HEPA air purifier for your school office. If you know a school nurse, tell them about Adopt a School Nurse now. Scroll down for the current wait list of names.

Adopt a School Nurse sources medical grade HEPA air purifiers from these manufacturers:

VironAire (

Blueair (

Medify Air (

Adopt A School Nurse

Please Donate Today

Click the Donate Now button to make an immediate and profound difference to a K-12 School nurse. Thank you for your kindness.

Please email us at with questions, comments, or suggestions. We want to hear from you.


Since this page began on August 29, 2020:
8 medical grade purifiers were donated to school nurses!
Theresa Muesel, R.N. of Keenan Elementary, Montgomery, TX was our first ever recipient


Requests and subsequent placement on the wait list are on a first come, first awarded basis. Every licensed K-12 school nurse who submits a request will be put on the list in order received after license verification. If you are in first position on the list, you will be immediately notified when enough donations are collected to purchase your purifier. The unit will be shipped at no cost. You may only submit one request.

Nurse HEPA Purifier Request

Verify Email/Phone Before Submitting

One Submission Per Nurse
Licensed PK-12 Nurses Only
Names Added Within 48 Hours

Adopt a School Nurse Today

Adopt a School Nurse

Nurse Waiting List - Please Donate

School nurses in their own words:

Jennifer Lawler, Spring Creek Elementary, College Station, Texas: The purifier would help ensure my clinic stays sanitized and safe for my elementary students. With all of the uncertainties this school year, a clean environment makes both staff and students feel protected.

Leigh Kelly, Stewart Creek Elementary, Montgomery, TX: A purifier would greatly reduce the amount of allergens & bacteria in the air of a school clinic promoting healthier students & staff. It would be a great tool not only for Covid-19 but cold & flu season as well. This is an item that would not normally be available to a school nurse due to cost. Thank you for this program & helping to keep us all safe!

Elisabeth Barclay, East Peoria Community High School, East Peoria IL: I work in an old building which ironically & currently is undergoing asbestos abatement. Many students would benefit especially since we have multiple asthmatic students and those with other chronic health conditions. Prior to COVID, the nurse’s office treated an average 110 students per day. Thank you for your generosity! Elisabeth Barclay-

April James, Oak Hills Junior High, Montgomery Texas: To help protect my students who come in the clinic for fragile medical conditions such as cerebral palsy, cystic fibrosis, asthma, diabetes, allergies and many more. Thank you for considering a donation. Nurse James

Mica Vannaman,Creek View Elementary, College Station, TX: Last year I had on average 30-60 kids come through this clinic on a daily basis. At one point we had 15% of our school out with the flu or flu-like symptoms. With Covid on top of it, this Fall will be a busy season. There is no proper isolation room in the clinic--wide open to all. Anything that could help purify the air would be a blessing to our school! Thank you

Jennifer Posern, Rock Prairie Elementary, College Station, TX: An air purifier would be one more layer to protect my students!

Stacey Backhus, Madeley Ranch Elementary School, Montgomery, TX: I work in an elementary school with over 700 PK - 5th grade students including students with very serious medical needs. I feel a personal responsibility to care for these children and do my best to keep them all safe and healthy at school.

Teresa L. Mata, College View High School, College Station, Texas: An air purifier would greatly help the spread of many airborne pathogens that we, school nurses, see almost on a daily basis. This year's unprecedented pandemic has us wanting to do absolutely everything we can to protect our precious students and dedicated staff. Unfortunately the bottom line is always making the budget stretch. Although air purifiers were top of our lists, it was bottom of the budget as far as clinic priority. Please help us with protecting our students and staff so that they know the clinic is as safe as possible when they are not feeling their 100% best. Thank you so much for the opportunity

Dianne Dusold, A&M Consolidated High School, College Station: Our building is older(> 30 years old) and does not have a reverse isolation system for our Isolation room.

Monica Lemke, R.N., Lone Star Elementary School, Montgomery, TX: Covid, Don't Mess With Texas!

Dana Kay, Pecan Trail Intermediate, College Station, TX: It would be an amazing help to keep children safe from what other children unknowingly share in the air.

Meredith Boucher, Oakwood School Nurse, College Station, Texas: especially during this very interesting school year, it is imperative to have clean air in the school clinic

Saundra Elliott, Iola ISD, Iola Texas: My office has no windows and 2 doors. One door stays closed its the one that the students come in through. The other leads into our front office where the secretary and principal are located. I am the nurse for all students Pre-K through 12th. There are no windows open in that area either so we are pretty closed off. Having a purifier would help decrease possible exposure.

Sherrel Paull, Forest Ridge Elementary School, COLLEGE STATION: I am a school nurse in an elementary school where we have 70% of our students in person this year. I average 30-40 student visits a day and 1-5 staff visits a day.

Valene Miller, Averill Park High School, Averill Park NY: One of our buildings is very old and outdated and while the district is doing everything that they can to maintain and update the ventilation system this would be the one thing that they wouldn’t be able to provide for us.

Emily parkhurst, Millicoma school, Coos bay Oregon: This is an old school where the health room has no windows and the ventilation System is outdated. A filter could help tremendously.

Crista DiSano, Middletown High School, Middletown, Rhode Island: Unfortunately, the school building I work in is extremely old and the AC and heat are broken in my office. A HEPA air purifier would mean EVERYTHING to me as my district can not afford to get me the supplies I need to be safe.

Jennifer Rocha, Diman Regional Vocational Technical High School, Fall River, MA: Our building is over 50 years old. The antiquated HVAC system is not suffiient and does not work in many areas of the school, including the nurses office.

Jaymi, Roosevelt Elementary School, Hays, Kansas: To protect students and staff!

Danielle Calapa, Dommerich Elementary, Maitland, FL: Please help keep us safe while we work hard to keep our students safe!

Krista Naumann, CornerStone Academy, Westerville, OH: we are a title one school with no isolation space. All ill children wait in the nurses office with well kids.

Leslie Cropp, Northeast Academy, Elizabeth City, NC: We are a public charter school in northeast NC. We want out students here in the building to learn. The purifier would make our health office safer for students!

Lindsay Reeves, Marshfield High School, Coos Bay, Oregon: In my health room there is poor ventilation and it is located far away from any windows. I am concerned about the risk the lack of ventilation combined with a small space poses to increasing transmission rates of communicable disease. There is currently no funding to purchase HEPA purifiers for the schools in our district and would require personal purchase of one. This is simply something I cannot afford. It would be amazing to receive a HEPA purifier to improve the safety of staff and students who enter the health room.

Ashley Deatherage, RN, Alcoa Elementary School, Alcoa, TN: We have one clinic in my school with no other good rooms for “isolation.” We have kids who have to wait for parents to come and pick them up when they are sick and they have to stay in the clinic. I am also pregnant so an air purifier would be an extra step of safety for both myself and the kids!

Cathy Pilachowski, Trinity Lutheran Christian School, 1100 Philadelphia Rd Joppa MD 21085: I am working in a very small office with no ventilation system. I would love to have a filter that would help protect me and the students. We have limited funds and this donation would greatly increase my ability to safely provide care. THANK YOU!

Amanda Rainey, Wicksburg High School, Newton AL: I am the school nurse for our Pre-k 2 through 12th grade school. We have around 1200 students. I have multiple students in my office on a daily basis. Sick and healthy, that would benefit from an air purifier in my office 😊

Liz O’Gorman, Saluda Primary School, Saluda, SC: I would love a HEPA filter for my school health room as it does not have a ventilation system and I greatly want to protect myself, my students, and my staff!

Heather Fryling, Lynnhaven Middle School, Virginia Beach, VA: My school is 46 years old- we have multiple areas in the ceiling that leak- tiles don’t get replaced - just painted over the water stainsz

Amanda Schmidt, Centralia City School District 135, Centralia, IL: My school district is in a high poverty area with one of the highest positivity rates in the state of Illinois. I do my best to keep our students and staff safe and healthy but worry that my heath office is a Potential source of spread. This would be a much appreciated addition to our district!

Charrisse Hook, North White School Corporation, monon indiana: A purifier would help us decrease the spread of COVID in our school. We are trying to stay in person learning as long as we can!

Christina Broadway RN/LVN, La Vernia PRIMARY & INTERMEDIATE CAMPUSES, La Vernia, Texas: Isolation room is only divided by curtains. Would be so grateful if this was possible.

Amanda Cash, Erskine elementary, Anderson, In: I am in a building with 3 severe special needs classrooms, in addition to my general Ed kiddos. A purifier would help protect us all!

Rachel Bryant, Mt Peak Elementary School, Midlothian, TX: I have approx 600 kids, clinic, and an isolation room. All students exhibiting symptoms will go into this room and myself or my secretary will be in the isolation room with the symptomatic students. I’d like to protect myself, her and the children that don’t have Covid, but are potentially exposed by being in that room.

Jenny Schey, Larkspur elementary, Leander, TX: I work in an a great school but the air does not flow well in the clinic. I would love a filter to help protect the students, myself and my family. Thank you for your kindness!

Melody Ashley, Eleanor S Rice Elementary, Greenwood SC: We are a title 1 elementary school, our building is one of the oldest buildings in our district. We would really benefit from an air purifier in the nurses office.

Samantha Marshall, Sumrall middle/high school, Sumrall, MS: I'm always looking at things to do or products that can help me protect and better care for my students. I work in a very rural area with adequate resources but not extra for the niceties. I have looked into purchasing an air purifier for my office and one for my isolation room. As you can imagine, its incredibly expensive. A donated air purifier would be such a blessing to me and my students. I could have more peace of mind knowing I'm doing all I can to prevent the spread of illness. Thank you for your consideration.

Kelli Hafen, Huntsville Middle School, Huntsville, Arkansas: The covid cases are rapidly rising in Arkansas and I have around 500 middle school (6-8) graders. I am in a older building built in the 1960s with old duct work and a purifier would be an incredible gift!

Ashley Bretzke, Park View Intermediate, Pasadena, Tx: I work in an older school and an air purifier would help keep my students safe and healthy!

Karen Meyers, LW Conder Elementary, Columbia, SC: I have a very small health room with one cot and serve between 500-600 students and approximately 100 faculty and staff. The current ventilation system is shared with the office.. and they control it. If they get hot or cold, THEY TURN IT OFF. I’ve begged for a separate system , with no luck. Please, please consider finding this for me and my school! I also have lung issues and it is so very dangerous for me! Thank you!!

Carolyn Dean, Duquoin high school, Duquoin, Illinois: I work in a small, rural community which equals very limited resources. We have a multitude of students with asthma and other conditions. I would love this opportunity to create a healthier environment for our students.

Heather J Boland, Spring Valley Elementary, Junction City, Kansas: We have over 300 kids who returned to brick and mortar and a lot have issues with allergies and asthma. A air filter would be a big blessing for those little angels.

Kala Brown, Bellevue East High School, Bellevue, NE: To help fight the spread of COVID -19

Kimberly Spencer, Hunters Lane High School, Nashville, Tennessee: I serve 1,500+ students in a low income area of town. For many, my clinic is their primary point of contact for initiating health services.

Aubri Ward, Long Early Learning Center, Abilene, TX: I work in a Head Start/PK program that serves around 850 low income families. This would help keep our clinic sanitized and lower the risk of illness to these children and families and help keep them in school and their parents able to work. This would be so helpful during Covid but also cold, flu, and strep season. Thank you so much for your generous donations!

Ann B Henry, LENOIR City High School, Lenoir City, TN: I've already evaluated/assessed 4 students who subsequently tested + for COVID. Even though I utilize the appropriate PPE when assessing all students regardless of symptoms, having an air purifier to further decrease my risk would provide am added layer of protection.

Penny Creel, Hedgesville Middle School, Hedgesville, West Virginia: I work with 6th-8th graders in a school that is almost 100 years old, no central a/c, radiant heat. This would be extremely beneficial to our school. Thank you so much for considering adopting me or any school nurse!!

Sandra Jean Spitaksky, Spring Mills Middle, Martinsburg WV: I work in a middle school with over 900 students. My office space is small and while I am continuing to work I’m at high risk for COVID. I want to be able to keep my room as clean as possible.

Stacey Como, Delaware Valley High School, Milford, PA: We are two school nurses to a campus of 1517 high school kids, full 5 day in school with the option to zoom. Currently 1200 kids on campus. Hoping for the best but preparing for the worst. 🙏

Dana Marshall, Ridge Road, North Little Rock, AR: We are in a pandemic and the safety of my students and myself could benifit from this. If I'm chosen, thank you! ❤ Nurse Dana

Anna Levinson, R.N., Rogers Middle School, Affton, MO: My school serves approximately 625 6-8 grade students. Around 41% of our students are free/reduced lunch program. A HEPA filtration system would help keep my health room a safe place for my students as for most of them I am the only source of medical care they receive. Please help me keep my students safe and healthy so they can continue to learn and become tomorrow’s future.

Kelly Theaker, Rockford Public Schools, Rockford, MI: I serve a district of almost 8,000 students and nearly 1,000 staff. We are going to be all face-to-face on Monday. I would love to be able to improve the air quality and reduce the risk in at least one of our health rooms!

Ashley Gwinn RN, Cypress Grove Intermediate School, College Station, Texas: Everyday I strive to help keep our students and staff safe and healthy while at school. This air purifier will help me continue to achieve that goal at our school. Thank you so much for donating!

Displaying the top 50 requests in need of your help. Please donate today. The nurses on this list sincerely thank you!

Adopt a School Nurse

Funded! Thank you so much!

These R.N.'s sincerely appreciate our donors:

Reeda Robinson, R.N., College Hills Elementary School, College Station, Texas

Jessica Taylor, A & M Consolidated Middle School, College Station, Tx

CLARA NACCARATO, Montgomery Elementary School, Montgomery, TX

Amanda Stewart, South Knoll Elementary, College Station, Texas

Melissa Benedict, River Bend Elementary, College Station, TX

Ladonna Meeler, Lincoln Elementary School, Montgomery, Texas

Kassidi Flater, Wellborn Middle School, College Station Texas

Theresa Muesel, Keenan Elementary, Montgomery, TX (Our first recipient!)

Displaying the 50 most recent grateful nurses. The nurses on this list sincerely thank you for your generosity! Their purifiers were funded by your love and kindness. You made a real and profound impact on these professionals.

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My name is Reid. I'm a regular guy with an amazing girlfriend. She's a teacher. Like other teachers, she was apprehensive about returning to campus. We had many talks about her fears. She did return to class, like the heroine that she is. One day, she returned home distraught. Concerned, I asked why. She explained indeed teachers are petrified of Covid-19. What she said after that reinforced why she is so amazing. She said, “Teachers have it bad, but nurses have it worse. Sometimes our nurse sees 60 people in a single day in a small room. Some of them are really sick. And the nurse still shows up each day. I wish there were a way to help them.”

Well, now you know why we're here…because of the compassion of an unselfish teacher. Take a moment to read some of the stories by nurses that are wait listed on this page. There is concern and fear in their words. I know there are still many good people in this world.
 I hope you will find it in your heart to donate whatever you can to a vital and noble cause. The school nurse. Your donation could be lifesaving.

Thank you, stay healthy and safe! 

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